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turning deadly. tourist killed. those attacks are on the rise. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "new day," it is thursday, august 22nd, 6:00 in the east, i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan. we're here with news anchor michaela pereira. >> good morning, everyone. >> coming up this morning, is bob filner finally ready to step down from office? he stands accused of harassment of no less than 18 women but he's now come to an agreement with the city. does this mean he's heading out? we'll talk about that. we've heard threats from companies that obama care will cause them to cut benefits and workers hours. now one major company has moved beyond idle threats. u.p.s. says it will not provide
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health care to 15,000 spouses. why? the company blames obama care for its decision. if you don't believe in miracles we might have a story that might make you believe now. man declared dead for 45 minutes suddenly springs back to life. know this is kind of corny, he's going to join us live, we really mean live, this morning. we'll talk to him about that experience. >> live means a lot more for that man. first let's get to the absolutely amazing and heartpounding 911 call capturing every critical moment of a horrifying school shooting. you're about to hear an amazingly composed bookkeeper trying to calm a 20-year-old man with an ak-47 on tuesday and and go shooting at police. her cool under pressure remarkable. how she finally convinces him to surrender will astound you. martin savidge is live in
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decatur, georgia, on this. she is amazing. martin? >> reporter: she absolutely is. good morning to you, kate, and for the first time since this drama played out the students will be back in their own classrooms today. that's certainly good news but everybody is talking about that phone call and the woman that's credited with saving hundreds of lives. take a listen. it's a remarkable call. >> i'm on second avenue in the school and the gentleman said tell the them to hold down the police officers are coming he's going to start shooting, tell them to back off. >> reporter: antoinette tuff is with a man face-to-face. it isn't just her lives on the
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line but the lives of hundreds of students and staff as well as dozens of police officers now outside. >> he said to tell them to back off. he doesn't want the kids. he wants the police so back off and -- what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for and he said he's not mentally stable. >> okay, stay on the line with me, okay? put the phone down if you have to but don't put it on hold so i can't hear. >> okay. >> can you tell me where you are? >> in the front office with him. >> reporter: he's got an ak-47. she's only armed with her words and puts her own life on the line. >> i can let them know you have not tried to harm me or do anything you want to. let me ask you this, ma'am. he didn't hit anybody. he just shot outside the door. if i walk out there with him, so they won't shoot him or anything
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like that. >> reporter: to connect with the suspect she pours out her personal story of a marriage that ended. >> don't feel bad, baby, my husband just left me after 33 years. but -- yes do you. i'm sitting here with you -- >> reporter: and her own thoughts of suicide. >> we all go through something in life. no, you don't want that. you're going to be okay. i thought the same thing. you know, i tried to commit suicide last year after my husband left me, but look at me now. i'm still working and everything is okay. >> reporter: there's no hint of fear no, sense she's lying to save herself. her cool, collect nature moves even the police dispatcher. >> ma'am, you're doing a great job. >> reporter: moments later after convincing the gunman to put down his weapon and lay down himself, the police barge in. >> don't shoot! do not move. >> reporter: and only then does antoinette tuff finally break down. >> i'm going to tell you
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something baby, nothing so scary in my life. >> but you did great. >> woo, jesus. >> reporter: antoinette tuff so appropriately named. you heard her hold up under incredible pressure. that went on for almost an hour before authorities came in and carried out that arrest but she is credited with saving a lot of lives, kate. >> what a hero. martin savidge thanks for bringing that story to us this morning. antoinette tuff and the 911 operator you heard in that dramatic call will be talking to anderson cooper live on "ac 360" tonight 8:00 eastern. do you not want to miss it. her composure and quick thinking is jaw-dropping how she could handle that situation. >> people do not act that way in those circumstances. you freeze. you got to remember what she's dealing with. she's more aware than anybody that this young man is not right
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in his mind, okay, and he is sitting there with one of the deadliest weapons that he could have, clearly intending to use it. the question is just on whom and she decides to engage. it's so counter intuitive. >> she's with him for an hour, not five minutes. >> martin made an interesting play off her name tuff but it wasn't tough, it was her ability to maintain composure and you know it was on the line as soon as she was over -- >> that's when she broke. >> every time we see a horrible situation there's almost always somebody who steps up and does something extraordinary. i have to watch anderson cooper tonight, it's a must see. >> a story moving your heart to one scratching your head. increasing violence in egypt and syria and it has the white house under pressure. syria is accused of using
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chemical weapons. it's making people scratch their head because we don't know what the u.s. is going to do. it calls to cut off aid to syria. will the president address the major decisions he has to make? we go live to cnn's dan lothian at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it's a balancing act for the president as he tries to maintain focus on key domestic priorities, helping middle class families while at the same time trying to deal with the twin foreign policy problems condemning the violence and working to get the support of the international community. at a closed door emergency meeting the united nations security council stopped short of demanding a probe into new allegations syria used chemical weapons against its own citizens. >> this represents no matter
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what the confusions are, a serious escalation with grave humanitarian consequences. let me say there is no confirmation of it. >> reporter: the u.s., britain and france want a u.n. investigation. inspectors are already in syria looking at the u.n. is negotiating to get their inspectors access. >> it's time for the assad regime to live up to their rhetoric in this regard and give the investigators access to the sites, the opportunity to interview witnesses, the opportunity to collect physical samples. >> reporter: the next move is uncertain. the u.s. agreed to provide opposition rebels with military support in june after the white house concluded the so-called red line -- >> a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> reporter: -- had been caused. some in congress including senator john mccain have been critical of the administration
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for not doing enough tweeting wednesday "no consequence for assad using chemical weapons and crossing red line. we shouldn't be surprised he's using them again." this as the administration deals with another foreign policy crisis in egypt. there's mounting pressure to cut off $1.3 billion in annual military aid. >> we've got some work to do in both areas and this is something we're actively working on. >> reporter: later this morning president obama heads out on the two-day bus tour making stops on college and high school campuses across new york and pennsylvania. aides say the president will talk about making a higher education more affordable for middle class families. kate? chris? >> thanks. that's an important agenda for the president to deal with domestically but these questions abroad are going to be looming. >> a lot on his plate and the serious questions abroad are pushing things out because they've got to be dealt with first as obviously it seems the most pressing issue and we are
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going to talk more about the serious decisions facing the white house coming up in the show with senator john mccain himself. there's so much going on at home and abroad tomorrow a conversation with president obama, we'll meet up with him on the road today doing his bus tour through new york and pennsylvania and the cnn interview will cover a wide range of topics. we'll bring it tomorrow of course here on "new day." >> a lot come up definitely. one of the big questions facing the president the new revelations about the scope of government surveillance of americans. newly declassified document says the national security agency illegally collected much more of your information than first thought and now questions over whether the obama administration misrepresented just how big the program really was. cnn's chris lawrence is at the pentagon with the very latest this morning. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, kate. it's not just misrepresented. court approving the surveillance said it was fundamentally different than what they were led to believe as the nsa
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sweeped up thousands of e-mails from americans with absolutely no ties to terrorism. amid growing controversy comes more revelations the national security agency illegally collected tens of thousands of americans' e-mails. new declassified documents show the nsa collected nearly 60,000 communications a year for three years ending in to 11, it includes e-mails and other internet activity. the court also said the nsa misrepresented the scope of its effort. >> very disturbing, a national security agency has extraordinary surveillance capabilities and these tools are supposed to be directed toward adversaries in the united states, not toward the american public. >> reporter: the nsa says it collected the data by mistake. senior intelligence official telling reporters there was a "technological problem that could not be avoided rather than
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any overreach." meantime intelligence officials are denying a media report that the nsa sifts through and has access to 75% of online communications in the u.s. the white house is under pressure from republican and democratic lawmakers over the sweeping nature of its secret data collection. just two weeks ago president obama insisted the government is not violating your privacy. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our intelligence is focused, above all, on finding the information that's necessary to protect our people. >> reporter: the nsa is supposed to target foreign communications that have to do with potential terrorism investigations. now under a court order, the nsa purged everything it collected from 2008 to 2011 and a senior intelligence official says it shortened the amount of time it keeps communications from five years to two years. that's not going to be enough to
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quiet the critics on capitol hill, who will insist on more oversight. chris in. >> thank you very much for the reporting this morning. appreciate it. we're going to move on now. reported deal from embattled san diego mayor bob filner. city attorney announcing a confidential agreement last night hours after an 18th woman came forward with new accusat n accusations of sexual harassment. casey wian is in san diego with the latest. good morning, casey. >> reporter: good morning, chris, after three days of negotiations between representatives for mayor filner, representatives of the san diego city council, the city attorney, gloria allred who is representing the mayor's former spokeswoman who has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the mayor, they finally after this mediation led by a federal judge after three days came to a proposed settlement. they announced that late yesterday evening. they said that they would not talk about details of that proposed settlement because they have to present it to the city
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council and that is going to happen tomorrow afternoon. they are required to give the city council 24 hours notice before they go into a closed session, after the city council deliberates and looks at the details of the proposed settlement they may come out and release details to the public. right now finally a settlement in the filner case, chris, and that's what we've got on that. >> two questions in one for you, casey. they have to give it to the board, they have to approve the financial part. obviously they don't have control over the mayor's resigning so there's that piece, whether the mayor will actually resign, do we believe that's part of the deal and what are people saying about whether or not they think he can still weather the situation, stay in office? >> reporter: it doesn't seem like he'll be staying in office. again we don't know the details of the settlement. everyone who has come out
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publicly before the negotiations started saying the end game, what they wanted is for the mayor to resign and it's believed that that was really the only bargaining chip that we left was the terms of his resignation, perhaps part of that settlement discussion, how much he's going to be liable personally, financially, for that sexual harassment lawsuit, how much of the bill the city is going to be willing to pick up, those are the things likely part of this proposed settlement that we should know more about tomorrow. >> casey the last part makes the most sense. thank you for the reporting out in san diego. lot of these things go outside the role of your duties in office so the immunity doesn't apply which means he could be sued personally. maybe that's the lever being used to push the mayor to take action. >> at a time it seems there's no lever to push him to take any action. good to see something happening because people in san diego want to see him out. let's get straight to michaela for the latest news. >> former egyptian president
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hosni mubarak may soon be a three man. egypt's military government ordering his release from prison. the plan is to place him under house arrest, all of that could happen today. mubarak led egypt for 30 years and has been behind bars for the past 17 months. hannah anderson has been speaking out. it's been just over a week since the teenager was rescued. hannah tells nbc news she's a fighter. >> in the beginning, i was a victim, but now, knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> in a bizarre twist to the case, the family of james dimaggio is requesting dna on hannah and her late brother ethan to determine whether dimaggio might be their biological father. closing arguments
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psychiatrist turned killer hassan argued against allowing the jury to discuss lesser charges. he offered no defense and did not testify. the national archives released the final watergate tapes on the day four of his top advisers resigned, caught on tape saying he would never talk about watergate again and received phone calls of support. got to show you this incredible video of a sinkhole swallowing an entire row of trees in assumption parish, louisiana. this sinkhole has been expanding for over a year.
3:18 am
officials think it was caused by the drilling of a well into an underground salt mine. it's shocking to watch this happen just before your eyes and after a while it's like nothing happened. >> you're sure it wasn't a gator. >> sure it wasn't a gator-nado. >> i've watched "swamp people." >> we will have an investigation. >> shoot 'em, shoot 'em! i watch large amounts of reality shows. >> we need an intervention. indra, kate? >> believe me this is the least of my problems. >> no kidding. indra is keeping track of the latest forecast for us. >> good morning. i have good news for everyone in the midwest and northeast. it's going to take a little bit to get there but we're talking about a cold front making its way through the area today, ohio valley and into the mid-atlantic but this is good news because the cold front means cold temperatures behind it and we're going to be talking about
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sunshine, not today, the rain is today but tomorrow look at the beautiful weather expected to spread into the mid-atlantic so for the weekend 70s and below normal temperatures expected throughout the area. we love that. everyone's complaining it's humid, hot and sticky. here are the humidity numbers. behind the cold front drier air. lower temperatures and the humidity dropping as well. we'll be loving it this weekend. all the way on the west coast and farther south so off the coast of mexico, 80% chance currently of tropical development in the pacific ocean. 90% chance in five days. why does this matter? we're talking about the moisture up baja and could mean heavy rain spreading into the southwest, kind of like what we saw in the southeast. we'll be monitoring that. >> thanks so much, indra. coming up here on "new day," u.p.s., big company, announcing plans to slash health care benefits for the spouses of thousands of employees, like
3:20 am
15,000. the delivery company is blaming the high cost of obama care but is this really just an excuse to cut costs? we'll take a look. and the story of a german tourist who was bit by a shark and died one week later, which has now left hawaiian officials scrambling. we'll tell you why. to switch , it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music. that's when i decided to switch. now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon. get the nokia lumia 928 for free. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ]
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3:24 am
to plblame or an excuse to cut costs. christine romans obvious question? what is the answer? >> many say yes and yes. they're trying to cut costs for people who already have insurance coverage, 15,000 of the worker spouse also lose their coverage come the new year, spouses eligible for coverage through their own employers and u.p.s. is squarely blaming obama care here. it is the clearest signal from corporate america that big changes are coming for people who already have insurance. 15,000 people of working spouses that will no longer get health insurance coverage through employees working for u.p.s. that affects roughly half the company's workforce. in this internal memo u.p.s. states "we believe your spouse should be covered by their own employer just as u.p.s. has a
3:25 am
responsibility to offer coverage to you, our employee." the shipping giant told "kaiser health news" the cut is expected to save them $60 million a year. u.p.s. blames mandatory coverage of dependents up to age 26 and new government fees. the memo also says its health care costs usually increase by about 7% a year but due to obama care, costs are expected to climb 11.25% in 2014. >> gentlemen, thank you for sharing your views. >> reporter: u.p.s.'s announcement another piece of kindling fueling the debate over obama care. >> they should have health care and obama care is causing more and more people struggling to climb the economic ladder to lose their health care. >> my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail, their
3:26 am
number one priority. >> now u.p.s. becomes one of the highest profile employer barring working spouses from the company plan. u.p.s. says 397,000 workers worldwide, most in the united states, many require employees to pay a surcharge for their working spouse medical coverage, others a bonus, if your spouse, for example if your spouse could get something through her job you get a bonus on your insurance because companies are trying to really limit their exposure and coverage. they want to cover you and your kids. they don't want to cover your spouse if your spouse is going to be covered by someone else. >> the goal was to have everybody covered but that's more expensive so there's pushback. >> the interesting thing you've been hearing how people who don't have health insurance through obama care will get access to insurance. we're talking about people with insurance who are saying they're feeling the effects of obama care because companies who
3:27 am
provide insurance will start tweaking and changing their rules and plans. everyone will feel it. >> something we have to manage going forward? >> i think there will be growing pains. yeah. >> kate, over to you. coming up next on "new day," shark attacks, a spike in the aloha state after a german tourist died one week after losing her farm to a shark off the coast of maui. state officials want to know why this is happening. they're taking action. more on that coming up. also we know politician also do almost anything to get votes but do they need to go this far to win? [ male announcer ] break the grip of aches or arthritis pain
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♪ i feel into a pretty ring of fire ♪ ♪ went down down down the flames of fire ♪ i always got to like johnny cash. it's thursday, august 22nd, i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan here with news anchor michaela pereira. >> good morning. >> shark attacks, we're hearing more about them every day and that they're happening more often and after the death of a german tourist in hawaii, officials in that state are determined to find out why the number of attacks has suddenly spiked. the russians are coming! the russians are coming! literally. this is russia, but the people are at the beach and this hovercraft barrels in nearly 70 miles an hour. we'll tell you why this happen. >> a hovercraft on steroids. >> look at it. show it again. lot of news this morning. let's get over to michaela with it. newly released dramatic 911 call shows just how cool, calm
3:32 am
and heroic antoinette tuff is, the suburban atlanta was warm and compassionate and convinced the suspect, michael brandon hill, to surrender police. you will hear that call and dramatic moments later on "new day." president obama kicking off a two-day bus tour through new york and pennsylvania today with a focus on education. is he sure to face tough questions about how his administration plans to handle two international hot spots, syria where the assad regime allegedly killed hundreds of his own people and egypt where military rulers have killed hundreds of protesters in a crackdown on the opposition. california's destructive wildfire season just seems to be getting worse. around ten wildfires burning right now. one chased hundreds of people from homes. yosemite national park and forced three summer camps to close. the number of acres that have
3:33 am
burned so far in that state this year, double what it was at this time last year and we have to remind you, peak fire season is still ahead. bradley manning about to beginning serving his 35-year sentence at leavenworth as punishment for leaking hundreds of thousands of documents to wikileaks. he could be eligible for parole in around eight years' time. the attorneys will seek a presidential pardon for manning, his attorneys say. going on a diet is hard, doesn't matter if you're a human or a cat. hungry cat kind of pesty because apparently her owners put her on a diet. it's the look at the camera, like, really, people? really? i got all these bowls and nothing. you know what kind of hard day i had in the box today and you bring me this? >> wow, you are a cat mind reader. >> i'm telling you, i feel this cat. >> go catch a mouse.
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>> exactly! >> tons of fun. look at the size of that thing. i thought afs a koala bear. >> a gigantic cat who needs definitely time on the treadmill. >> only exercise he is get something moving his paw. time for our political gut check. former senator scott brown taking himself out of the running for governor of massachusetts saying he's sticking to the private sector for now but how long will that last? conditioning skng here breaking it down. he's not running for governor but keeping his options open. >> kate he looks closely for the race for massachusetts governor and looking at the politics. it would be a steep hill so he decided he's making money. for the first time in 15 years he's not in the legislature or in washington.
3:35 am
he'll spend time with his family. he lost the race for the full seat, ted kennedy's seat and passed when john kerry went to secretary of state and passing on running for governor. if he wants to stay in the national debate eventually he has to run for something. >> good point. there has been one big surprise this summer i would argue is the relative silence or quiet of the august recess. not as many fiery town halls as we expected from the past considering the contentious issues congress is facing. when they come back, immigration, big budget battles including how they'll deal with the obama care question. do you think this is a good sign or bad sign for lawmakers coming back. >> if you talk to strategists in both parties especially republicans, because the house isn't especially big when it comes to the immigration debate.
3:36 am
there are fewer town hall meetings but there is sense among republicans there hasn't been as much screaming and volatility so maybe you get a chance of something done there. if you listen to the republican town halls on spending, the issue of funding of the president's health care plan and the debt ceiling debate coming, you know we'll have much more confrontation between the republicans and the president out of this summer even though the town halls haven't been as loud. 2014 is right around the corner. >> there always seems to be an election right around the corner. the president is kicking off his two-day campaign style bus tour of new york and pennsylvania, the issue is trying to make college more affordable. with everything the president's facing right now, he's kind of looking, is this a looking towards a legacy issue? why is he taking this on? >> the president wants to make the case and plant the flag not
3:37 am
only for the congression session this fall but headed into the 2014 election year and his legacy. we talked not that long ago about the college loan. they finally passed the compromise on college loans. the president says there's much more to do for college for families. he knows there's debate over spending, debt ceiling, government priorities, whether or not to shut the government down to fund the health care program and set the tone and tenor for 2014. this is what gets problematic and your buddy mr. cuomo will deal with this when he sees the president. the president is trying to talk about domestic priorities but i suspect when good intrepid reporters from mr. cuomo gate cross to him, look around the world. >> the stuff you want to talk about and the stuff you have to talk about as president and you have to deal with in front of your face. great to see you. that is one of the issues, school for college
3:38 am
affordability. >> only issue is how john king is separating himself from me so quickly before this interview. your buddy as opposed to his, mr. cuomo, always bad when the media is calling you by your last name. we'll be sitting down with the president tomorrow and a lot of the things seem like distinct challenges for the president but on many levels they're related, domestically, what he's going to do with the shutdown, how that will help with immigration and obama care, how college costs play into his economic policy and abroad the questions from russia to egypt to syria, all blend into an american mojo question. that's the challenge of being president so we'll see what he has to say. right now we'll give you a little break. when we come back, shark attacks on the rise, gotten so bad in hawaii officials are launching a two-year study to find out the obvious question, why are so many people falling victim to the ocean predators. do patrol tigss really think
3:39 am
baring their chests translate to votes? apparently so. first "crossfire" returns september 16th. as we lead up to its premiere here is a look back at one of its most memorable moments. >> they say the more things change the more things stay the same. in 1988 we had a future speaker of the house on "crossfire" defending the record of another do nothing congress. check this out. >> projected you're going to work 89 days max this year. why should we pay you for 89. >> it's 89 days here in washington. we've got constituents at home, we've got issues in our district we need to deal with and this is classic washington thinking that if we're not passing some new big government program or issuing new regulations, getting into the pockets of our
3:40 am
constituents, then we're not working. unfortunately most americans don't agree with your premise that this is a do nothing congress. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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welcome back to "new day." a young german woman whose right arm was bitten off by a shark fought as long as she could to survive. week after the 20-year-old lost her arm she lost her life in maui, surrounded by her family. hawaii is seeing more shark attacks than normal. >> reporter: a german tourist who was attacked by a shark last week while vacationing in hawaii dieded. jana lutterop fought hard to stay alive. >> her right arm below her shoulder was severed.
3:44 am
>> reporter: the shark attack happened as lutterop was snorkeling some 50 yards off the island of maui. love ones described her as a "beautiful, strong young woman who was always laughing." just four days later a 16-year-old surfer was bitten by a shark in the waters off the big island of hawaii. officials say he's recovering in a hospital from bites to both legs. >> the shark hit him when he duck dived under the water to go under the wave. >> reporter: according to the director of hawaii's natural land and resources so far this year there have been a total of eight shark bites in the hawaiian islands. in 2012 there were 11, an uptick from the average of three or four a year. in maui alone four shark bites since january. >> a greater number of tiger sharks born and matured in conjunction with a larger number
3:45 am
of people being in the water every day and we see the potential for an increase in interaction. >> reporter: it's unclear what type of sharks were involved in the latest attacks but it appears maui is somewhat of a black hole when it comes to data regarding the aggressive tiger shark. beginning next month researchers from the university of hawaii will study the species, focusing on where they came from and where they're going. tori dunin, cnn, los angeles. we start in japan where officials there now say the radioactive leaks from the crippled fukushima nuclear plant may not be repaired for years. paula hancocks has the latest from tokyo. >> reporter: public opinion has sunk lower in japan. hundreds of tons of highly radioactive water leaked from an on site water tank and some of that water has made its way into the pacific ocean. now the plant operator says if you stand too close to this
3:46 am
undiluted water you would get a five-year dose of radiation in just one hour and japan's nuclear watch dog is basically saying the plant is like a house of horrors, fright kniening mis time and time again. to cuba where people are struggling with a deadly foe the country hasn't fought in years, chole cholera. >> reporter: u.s. diplomats are warning against cholera. cuba has struggled to contain the disease since last year. doctors warn people to wash their hands more frequently and stay away from contaminated food and water. officials have been close lipped but other countries are taking precautions to make sure cuba's cholera doesn't spread any further. kate in. >> patrick, thank you. two candidates running in
3:47 am
austria's general election are not hiding anything from voters. these men are willing to do about everything including show some skin to get their point across. cnn's vladimir dutier has more. >> the race for austria's legislature is heating up, hans christian straka and frank have posed in beefcake shots of themselves. we recall president obama sunning himself on a hawaii beach a few years ago and who can forget the macho men shots of russian president vladimir putin but in austria the press has asked both of the candidates to stick to the naked facts and keep their shirts on. back to you, kate. >> i've been thinking about this. is it possible -- thank you. is it possible there's any candidates in the united states two candidates attractive enough to be worth taking their shirts off? >> no. >> scott brown the earlier pinup
3:48 am
shots of himself when he had been a model. >> in "cosmopolitan" yes. >> where were they in the smoke filled room back door politics, that picture is awesome. we should put that on. >> and the other i'll top that. >> not the jeans, you should hear these ridonculous underwear. >> not even ridiculous. >> that was a man law violation, that got me. >> can i tell you the must see moment? >> please. >> we've shown you a teaser, somebody says life's a beach, probably not the beach they have in mind. that is not a pleasure boat, my friends. more coming up in a second. >> the dave matthews song playing in the background. ♪ crash into you
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i'm doing this. >> i won't say anything. >> we're fighting.
3:51 am
brown: on my third day as principal, i met with the state. students had fallen behind, and morale was low. my first job was getting everyone to believe... that we could turn this around. i needed my staff to see what was possible. turning around a school, is not some, mystical, magical thing. it does take hard, dedicated work each day. i was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here.
3:52 am
♪ let's go to the beach okay we'll go to the beach but not quite how you think it might end. our must see moment today, in russia, military hovercraft plowing toward the sandy beach. hundreds of sunbathers look on in shock. the defense ministry say it was on a tactical mission and the area is owned by the military. here's my question, anybody check that beforehand, reconnaissance mission? scout things out? folks on the beach probably are going to say not so much for this one, we'll find somewhere a little less tactical. >> no one seems to be running in terror, especially closer to where it actually beaches. >> russia tough. >> i guess so.
3:53 am
>> i think you're right. russia tough. >> hey, look. i don't have words. >> maybe they're just scared. >> scared frozen? >> maybe it's just another day at the beach. coming up next on "new day," evidence of a chemical attack in syria, a deeply divided egypt, all of those things we're going to be talking about with senator john mccain, what he thinks the u.s. role should be in these hot spots. also, tough is her last night and boy, is that fitting. this atlanta area woman outwitted a gunman with grit and compassion. the woman who made that 911 call that made such a difference in that georgia shooting, coming up. to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. [ male announcer ] glucerna. [ dog ] on a walk, walk, walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing.
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so listen to this one, this student athlete loses two family members, obviously dealing with the bereavement of it and the ncaa tells him he can't play this season as a result of the time missed. andy scholes joining us with more on the bleacher report. i mean is there an explanation that makes any sense here? >> chris, the wording of the rule is getting in the way of doing what's right. college basketball player lost his father and brother in the last year so he decided to transfer from iowa state to rutgers to be closer to home. the ncaa says he has to sit out the season. you can get a hardship waiver for a sick family member but if a family member dies you're out of luck. a scary moment in the behaves/mets yesterday. jason heyward will take a fastball right off his face. ouch. he walked off the field but went straight to the hospital. heyward has a fractured right
3:58 am
jaw and will undergo surgery later today. he's expected to be out four to six weeks. this one is hard to top. the ball changes hands 11 times, there are multiple trampolines, kids on roller blades, a gorilla suit and the dunker is wearing a go proment kara so we're going to get to see this in multiple views. check it out. awesome stuff. i love the gorilla suit. >> the gorilla didn't do anything. >> didn't touch the ball, just jumped through. >> how many takes do you think? >> i'm going to say one. >> that's one whole afternoon. good stuff. we're now close to the top of the hour which means it's time for the top news. he say he don't care if he
3:59 am
die. he don't have nothing to live more. >> voice of a hero. 911 call that will amaze you. the school clerk held by a gunman who talks him into surrendering. dozens of lives saved. we have the whole tape for you. tipping point, the video that shocked the world, syria accused of using chemical weapons on its own people. now the u.s. is under pressure to step in. back from the dead, nothing short of a miracle, meet the man declared dead for 45 minutes who suddenly sprung back to live. he joins us live, truly live, this morning. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: what you need to know. >> when hundreds of civilians are being killed you can't continue with business as usual. >> announcer: what you just have to see. ♪ this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira.
4:00 am
>> all right let's get going. good morning. welcome back to "new day," it's thursday, august 22nd, 7:00 in the east. i'm chris cuomo. >> and i'm kate bolduan, we're here with news anchor michaela pereira. >> good morning. >> coming up the powerful 911 call from a georgia school clerk who bravely talked down an armed man inside her school. how was she able to convince him to surrender and keep so calm, the brave moments potentially saved dozens of lives, that's come up. brand new details in the ending of the life of this promisingat lead and student fromat leasts because kids were bored and we'll hear about who this young man was, their victim, from his girlfriend. dr. phil is at the center of some controversy himself, a tweet posted to his account was
4:01 am
supposed to start a discussion about teen sex and drinking has sparked all sorts of outrage online. the question is, did that tweet cross the line? first up this hour we're learning more about the heroic efforts of a school book keeper that may have prevented a massacre in georgia and it's all caught on tape and it is a dramatic 25-minute 911 call, antoinette tuff tried to make sure that everyone, students, police and even the gunman walked away unhurt. tuff is being called a hero for showing such grace and dignity while confronted with an armed gunman. martin savidge is live in decatur, georgia, for us. good morning, martin. >> reporter: good morning, kate. the good scene behind us is the parents and the school buses and the students coming back to this school in the aftermath of that shooting which could have been a disaster but was not. many people are crediting the
4:02 am
woman who happened to be in the right place at the right time, antoinette tuff. listen. >> what is your emergency? >> reporter: it's a remarkable call. >> i'm on second avenue in the school and the gentleman said tell the them to hold down the police officers are coming he's going to start shooting, tell them to back off. >> reporter: alone in the office of an elementary school, cook keeper antoinette tuff is face to face with an i a man armed with an assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition. >> ooh, he just went outside and started shooting. can i run? >> you can get somewhere safe? >> yeah, i got to go. he's going to see me. he's coming back. >> reporter: it isn't just her life on the line, but the lives of hundreds of students and staff as well as dozens of police officers now outside. >> he said to tell them to back off. he doesn't want the kids.
4:03 am
he wants the police so back off and -- what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for and he said he's not mentally stable. >> okay, stay on the line with me, okay? put the phone down if you have to but don't put it on hold so i can't hear. >> okay. >> can you tell me where you are? >> in the front office with him. >> reporter: he's got an ak-47. she's onlyrmed with her words and puts her own life on the line. >> i can let them know you have not tried to harm me or do anything with me or anything. but that doesn't make any difference. you didn't hit anybody. let me ask you this, ma'am. he didn't hit anybody. he just shot outside the door. if i walk out there with him, so they won't shoot him or anything like that. >> reporter: to connect with the suspect she pours out her personal story of a marriage that suddenly ended. >> don't feel bad, baby, my husband just left me after 33 years. but -- yes do you. i'm sitting here with you -- >> reporter: and her own thoughts of suicide.
4:04 am
>> we all go through something in life. no, you don't want that. you're going to be okay. i thought the same thing. you know, i tried to commit suicide last year after my husband left me, but look at me now. i'm still working and everything is okay. >> reporter: there's no hint of fear, no sense she's lying to save herself. her cool, collect nature moves even the police dispatcher. >> ma'am, you're doing a great job. >> reporter: moments later after convincing the gunman to put down his weapon and lay down himself, the police barge in. >> don't shoot! do not move. >> reporter: and only then does antoinette tuff finally break down. >> i'm going to tell you something baby, nothing so scary in my life. >> but you did great. >> woo, jesus. >> reporter: that still gets me every time i hear that. antoinette tuff credits her
4:05 am
faith. she says that's where she found the strength to carry on that conversation and many say god probably does get some credit but she was the one facing the gunman down and many parents are grateful that she was there on the phone for everybody. kate? >> she was the one that made that call, what a hero. martin thank you for bringing the story. we'll have much more on the amazing call in the next half hour and we'll hear more from antoinette tuff. she'll appear with the 911 operator you heard on the call tonight on "ac 360." president obama is kicking off a bus tour through new york and pennsylvania promoting education reform. the president is facing challenges abroad as well, two huge decisions to make, how to handle the unfolding chaos in syria and in egypt. dan lothian is live from the white house with the latest. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, chris.
4:06 am
it is a balancing act for the president trying to remain focused on some of these key domestic priorities like helping middle class families helping students. at the same time the president does have these international problems. he is putting pressure on these international leaders while at the same time condemning the violence and trying to get the support from the international community. at a closed door emergency meeting the u.n. security council stopped short of demanding a probe into new allegations syria used chemical weapons against its own citizens. >> this represents no matter what the confusions are, a serious escalation with grave humanitarian consequences. let me say there is no confirmation of it. >> reporter: the u.s., britain and france want a u.n. investigation. inspectors are already in syria looking at another alleged chemical weapon attack that killed 31 near aleppo earlier this year. the u.n. is negotiating to get
4:07 am
their inspectors access. >> it's time for the assad regime to live up to their rhetoric in this regard and give the investigators access to the sites, the opportunity to interview witnesses, the opportunity to collect physical samples. >> reporter: the next move is uncertain. the u.s. agreed to provide opposition rebels with military support in june after the white house concluded the so-called red line -- >> a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> reporter: -- had been caused. some in congress including senator john mccain have been critical of the administration for not doing enough tweeting wednesday "no consequence for assad using chemical weapons and crossing red line. we shouldn't be surprised he's using them again." this as the administration deals with another foreign policy crisis in egypt. there's mounting pressure to cut off $1.3 billion in annual
4:08 am
military aid. >> we've got some work to do in both areas and this is something we're actively working on. >> reporter: later this morning president obama heads out on the two-day bus tour making stops on college and high school campuses across pennsylvania and new york. aides say the president will talk about making higher education more affordable for american families and helping young people struggling with big college loans. chris? >> all right dan an important moment here. we have such demands for leadership at home and abroad, a lot of questions for the president and tomorrow we're going to have an exclusive interview with president obama. he's going to, we're going to meet up with the president as he travels on the bus tour for education reform. we'll cover all of the issues we're talking about or as many as we can get to and bring it to you tomorrow on "new day." kate? >> thanks, chris. the reported chemical attack in syria came almost exactly one year after president obama's red
4:09 am
line speech. senator john mccain has said the administration has done virtually nothing yet in response to syria. the senator is joining me now to discuss more and the latest developments that we're learning out of syria. senator, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. i want to get right to it. >> thank you. >> you've seen the video. you've seen the pictures coming out of syria. have you seen or heard any evidence that convinces you the assad regime did stage a chemical attack? >> well, it's obvious from the pictures when you see the dead bodies of children and women and others stacked up and the fact is it's already been established that he has used it before, so as i said, it shouldn't surprise us when he's used it again. it's horrific and outrageous and the president a year ago said there would be if they crossed a red line that there would be
4:10 am
response. we know now of course that they've already used it. i'm sure and confident that they used it again and they will use it again unless they are reined in. this gives a blank check to other brutal dictators around the world if they want to use chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction as well. >> after the administration acknowledged they had crossed the red line they started supplying some additional arms to the opposition. what more do you think the administration should do? >> in a matter of a couple of days we're using standoff weapons, we could take out the runways and the 40, 50 aircraft they're using which is dominating the battlefields in the towns and the cities and we can supply the right kind of
4:11 am
weapons to rebels to establish a no fly zone by using moving patriot missiles up to the border. this can be done very easily. that's what general keene and the institute for the study of war despite what the chairman of the joint chiefs have said which is absolutely outrageous and ridiculous. >> senator, that would include a major escalation of u.s. involvement. you know that americans at this point are very war weary. and have little appetite to get involved in another foreign conflict. do you ignore that sentiment and just move on and get involved? >> kate, first of all, there would be no boots on the ground. we would use standoff weapons just as the israelis have four times as they've taken out targets inside syria. we would not put a single life at risk, and isn't it time, kate, these horrific pictures of these people, over 100,000 have
4:12 am
been massacred, with hezbollah, thousands of troops there, the iranians on the ground w the russians supplying them with equipment, and these people are fighting for their lives, and i know them, i've been in syria. yes, jihadists are flowing in from all over the place but there's a majority that are people that we should support. where does this stop? when does the united states with very little cost stand up for these people and stop this horrific -- you can't look at the pictures without being deeply moved. are we just going to let that go on? >> do you think this is the tipping point when you see these horrific pictures and if proven this would be the second in a major escalation in chemical weapon use in syria. >> i think it was proven that he's used it before so it shouldn't surprise us when it is used again, and he will use it again if he can, if he feels there's not going to be any
4:13 am
retaliation, and when the president of the united states says that if he uses these weapons that it would be a "red line and a game changer" he now sees that as a green light and that is the word the president of the united states can no longer be taken seriously. >> i want to talk to you about another situation in the region. with egypt you told candy crowley the u.s. has lost credibility and since that conversation the administration has quietly put a hold on aid to egypt, though still resisting calling it a coup. is that enough to regain credibility in egypt? >> of course we don't know what they have done and haven't done. no, there's no credibility because we know that the administration at the president's direction called the egyptians and said if you overthrow morsi, that we will
4:14 am
have to, because of the law, consider that a coup. they overthrew morsi, and they refused to call it a coup. we're asking them to observe the rule of law and we are not observing our laws. morsi was a terrible president. i have no grief for the muslim brotherhood for the way they governed, but the united states writes laws and we expect to abide by the laws and the generals are not impressed because we didn't come through with our word. if we weren't going to do that we shouldn't have said it and now we have hundreds of people killed in the streets of cairo. >> and so what do you think the administration is doing then? >> well look, we know that the saudis are pouring money into
4:15 am
egypt. if we call it a coup -- their military equipment, their helicopters, their tanks and all that are dependent on our spare parts. they are dependent on our supplies of weapons. we can affect whether the imf will provide them with loans or not. tourism is a backbone of their economy and so is business. we have influence that we can exercise but when we don't exercise influence, we have no influence. >> one situation we ahere influe is a big question is nsa leaker edward snowden still in russia. nothing has changed since he was able to get asylum in russia. do you think the united states has lost any chance of getting him back and holding him accountable? >> no, i don't, again mr. putin is behaving in a fashion which he has been for a long time and is really sticking his thumb in our eye.
4:16 am
i think that's obvious. mr. snowden violated his oath of office and i don't think he's going to be coming back to the united states. he wants to stay in that transparent human rights observing country of russia, but the point again here is, where is congressional oversight? why didn't we know some of the things that we knew that had to be revealed by mr. snowden? that's a question that needs to be asked, and we're now finding out that we need better congressional oversight and a lot more awareness on the part of the american people. lot of young americans believe mr. snowden is a hero. i don't. >> senator john mccain it's great to see you. thanks for taking time to speak with us. you have a lot on your plate once you get back to washington. we'll see you soon. >> thank you, kate. >> see you soon. there's a lot of news developing at this hour. we get straight over to michaela for the late pest >> great conversation there, kate. new information about the government and your e-mails, declassified court documents show the national security
4:17 am
agency was collecting a lot more information from the internet than it claimed, about 60,000 domestic communications a year for three years ending in 2011. the nsa blames a technical error for the extra data. a grand jury could indict aaron hernandez on murder charges today. he's scheduled to be in court this afternoon for a hearing. the hearing could be canceled if they decide to act further. hannah anderson, kidnapped after her mother and brother were killed is now talking. in an abc news interview anderson talked about all the support she's received. >> in the beginning, i was a victim. but now, knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong.
4:18 am
>> excuse me, i said abc. it was nbc in that interview. delaware attorney general beau biden, son of vice president joe biden said to be in great shape after undergoing an unspecified medical procedure. should be released from a texas center today. he was evalue waited after feeling weak and disoriented last week. he suffered a mild stroke back in 2010. an adorable reunion this arkansas family lost their pom rainian puppy back in may. three months later she was discovered in california. they have no idea how that dog traveled so far. koda was scooped up by a good samaritan. animal services scanned his microchip, tracked down his owners and got him on a flight back home, another reminder that microchip in your pet can help them find their way home.
4:19 am
all the tears upon the reunion, p pomeranian home. ready to take some lives, a tweet from one of the alleged killers. did they really snuff out a life because they were bored? a school clerk facing down a gunman. you haven't heard the riveting and heart pounding moments as she talked the suspect down. that's ahead. [ bottle ] okay, listen up!
4:20 am
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welcome back to "new day," disturbing new details this morning about that so-called thrill kill in oklahoma. three teens are accused of gunning down an australian baseball player just to show they could. now disturbing online posts and videos of one of the suspects putting new light on the case as the victim's girlfriend is also speaking out about who he was and what was lost. cnn's randi kaye is in oklahoma city. randi, we keep hoping for a different explanation, but just this seems to be just as soulless as it appears. >> reporter: absolutely. chris, good morning to you. let me tell you first about these victims, about these suspects and what they're charged with. first of all 15-year-old james edwards and 16-year-old chancy luna, both charged with felony first-degree murder and michael jones, who is 17 and he's looking at charges of being an accessory to this crime but chris, the surprise over the chilling details of this crime
4:24 am
has begun to fade as investigators learn more about the alleged shooters. >> there's no way to describe what's happened. i mean it's the hardest thing you could ever imagine happening. >> reporter: sarah harper is speaking out about the horrifying kill of her boyfriend chris lane a 20-year-old baseball player living in oklahoma. >> there was a lot of shock, anger and sadness. >> reporter: harper and lane's family are trying to make sense of this tragedy as new details emerge about the three teens charged with his death, just three days before the shooting james edwards, the youngest of the three tweeted he and his friends were ready to take some lives. back in april he posted "90% of white people are nasty." in this video posted on vine in may, edwards is seen showing off an assault rifle. it was the oldest suspect who
4:25 am
admitted their twisted motive to police. >> basically said "we were at the house, the young man run by the house. someone said, there's our target. they got in the car, followed him and they shot him. "we were bored." >> reporter: bored? they did it for fun, for sport? >> that's it. that's right. >> reporter: killed for sport, leaving family and loved ones to pick up the pieces. >> it's just so surreal that anybody could do something like this. he was an amazing person that was taken way too soon. >> reporter: the oldest suspect in this case did tell police where they tossed gun. he's the only one who is talking. the police went to check out the apartment complex on the east side in duncan and could not find that gun. they did find some ammunition hidden under the hood of the suspect's car and they also found a shotgun hidden in a compartment where you would normally keep the spare tire so there was another weapon as well. i also want to tell you we are
4:26 am
learning a little more about them through their online social media profiles. look at this photo here, this is james edwards and chancy luna, the two younger suspects, looks like they're holding cell phones up to their ears but if you look closer they're holding wads of cash and there seems to be a theme in their online profiles of cash and money. chris, kate, back to you. >> all right, handie thank you very much. whatever that means. these kids are just teenagers. we always hope the people who do the horrible things are one-offs, there's something really different about them and you see kids who seem to be normal doing something that's completely soulless. it's no wonder why people are asking what is going on in this country. >> the more you're just left shaking your head. we'll stay on top of it. coming up next on "new day" a 25-minute 911 call reveals the selfless actions of the hero who helped prevent a massacre at a georgia elementary school. >> a somebody who represents the best in us.
4:27 am
and then we have hannah anderson there, a true survivor, speaking out for the first time about her abduction. we're going to tell you why this young woman does not consider herself a victim. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. [ male announcer ] a man. a man and his truck... and a broken fence... and a lost calf. ♪ and the heart to search for as long as it takes. and the truck that lets him search for as long as it takes.
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♪ oh, that's good, a little pep in your step, a little coffee, breakfast, a little "new day." it's thursday, august 22nd, i'm chris cuomo. >> and i'm kate bolduan. i love this song. news anchor michaela pereira. i want to say michaela's name but i want to listen. coming up, the school worker who kept calm under unthinkable pressure, convinced a gunman with 500 rounds of ammo into giving up. you'll hear that incredible 911 call. you don't want to miss a minute of it. plus i'll say this slowly so you get it. man who died and lived to talk about it. he was dead for 45 minutes before he shocked everyone by coming back to life. he's alive, well, here with his family. a lot of news as well, right over to michaela. let's look at the headlines, even more pressure on the obama
4:32 am
administration to take more decisive steps in syria and egypt especially after claims of syria's opposition that bashar al assad's government used chemical weapons against its own people reportedly killing more than 1,000. president obama's national security team continuing to deliberate on how to handle egypt and unrest and aid. tomorrow, do not miss our "new day" exclusive, chris will have a conversation with president obama that will cover a wide range of topics. former egyptian president hosni mubarak may soon be a free man. egypt's military government ordering his release from prison. the plan is to place him under house arrest. all of that could happen today. mubarak led egypt for 30 years and has been behind bars for the past 17 months embeatled san diego mayor bob filner reaching a tentative agreement involving a sexual harassment suit against him. tomorrow details will be presented to the city council.
4:33 am
an 18th accuser in the meantime has come forward to accuse filner of sexual harassment. local businesswoman claims the mayor touched her inappropriate when she posed for a picture with him. a utah woman under arrest for allegedly making up a story about her 4-year-old having cancer. police say this woman, abbey winkler, told people that her daughter had leukemia in order to collect donations. she even lied to the daughter and to the girl's father about it. winkler collected more than $3,000 in cash from people who simply wanted to help. she's now facing felony fraud charges. this is a video, i know it's not nice of me to like this so much but this cat is like just torturing the pomeranian, brutalized. won't leave the poor pooch alone. it may be her way of playing but what's funny is she doesn't give up. comes from all over different angles the house and takes pot shots. the poor dog is trying to have a
4:34 am
nap. >> you see the pillow says chill out. >> chill out, right. >> dog loves it. >> very athletic cat. >> the dog loves that. look at his tail. >> no, it's not upset. >> oh! >> it makes me giggle. >> cat does own it. >> yeah we know who runs that house. >> thanks so much, michaela. let's get back to the story of calm under pressure. school clerk is getting credit for saving lives by risking her own. she is z it by talking down a gunman who barricaded himself in her office with an ak-47. antoinette tuff spent close to an hour trying to calm brab done hill. tuf eventually convinced him to surrender. here with minutical edits the heartstopping 911 call that captured it all. >> yes, ma'am i'm on second avenue in the school and he says
4:35 am
he's going to start shooting so tell them to back off. >> okay, hold on. >> they let anybody in the building, including the police, do not let anybody in the building including the police. >> stay on the line with me, ma'am. where are you? >> i'm in the front office. ooh he just went outside and start shooting. ooh, can i run? >> can you get somewhere safe? >> yeah, i gotta go. no,'s going to see me. he's coming back. oh, hold on. >> put the phone down. >> she's getting the police, telling them to back off for you, okay? >> tell them to stop all movement now. >> okay stop all movement on the ground. stop all movement on the ground. if it's not an emergency, please, do not use the radio. if it's not an emergency, do not
4:36 am
use the radio. are you talking to the shooter? >> that's what he's telling me to tell them on the radio. what did you want me to tell her, sir? okay, he's telling me put -- you want me, i'm trying to find the number for channel 2. you want know tell them -- >> hello? >> yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am. >> police, he said tell them to back up right now. >> okay. >> hello? >> ma'am? >> okay, he said to tell them to back off. he doesn't want the kids. he wants the police. he doesn't want the kids. he wants the police so back off and -- what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for and he said he's not mentally stable. >> okay, stay on the line with me, okay? put the phone down if you have to but don't put it on hold so i can't hear. >> okay.
4:37 am
>> can you tell me where you are? >> in the front office with him. >> he said send in one of your radios with an unarmed officer. >> okay. >> she said okay, she's getting ready to tell them. >> hopefully i can talk to the police. >> or some way that he can talk to the police. he said but if they come armed he's going to start shooting again. only one officer. >> okay. >> he said if you have to go ahead and evacuate them homes right there in the front of the building. >> okay. ask him is he willing to give his name? >> she said are you willing to give your name? he said no. >> okay.
4:38 am
>> he said no. he knows that if he gives his name he's going away for a long time. he said he knows he's going away for a long time. he's on probation. "tell them to stand down now," he said. >> tell them i'm giving them the instructions. >> she said they're giving them instructions. he said he should just shoot his self. he said call the probation office in de kalb county and let them know what's going on. >> okay. who are we to ask for? >> she said who is she asking for? >> i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> he said he thinks it's officer scott. you want me to tell her to let her come, sir? she sound like she loves you a lot. >> are you on the phone with a relative?
4:39 am
>> yes. what did you say, sir? he said he should have just went to the mental hospital instead of doing this. because he's not on his medication. >> okay. do you want me to try -- i can help you. you want me to -- you want to talk to them? want me to talk to them and try to -- okay, well let me talk to them and let's see if we can work it out so you don't have to go away with them for a long time. >> it doesn't matter. >> no, it does matter. i can let you know you have not tried to harm me or do anything with me. but that doesn't make any difference. you didn't hit anybody. let me ask you this, ma'am. he didn't hit anybody. he just shot outside the door. if i walk out there with him, so they won't shoot him or anything like that. he wants to give his self up. is that okay and they won't shoot him? >> yes, ma'am. >> he said he wants to go to the hospital.
4:40 am
>> okay. hold on one moment. >> she said hold on, she's going to talk to the police officers and i'll go out there with you. well don't feel bad, baby. my husband just left me after 33 years. but -- yes do you. i'm sitting here with you and talking to you about it. i got a son that's multiple disabled. can i speak to her? let me talk to her and let her know that i'm going to go with you. you want me to talk to her? no, doesn't, baby. this is all going to be well. the lady is going to talk to the police. okay. okay, okay, hold on a second, okay? >> um-hum. don't hang up the phone. >> okay, hold on. he wants me to go over to the
4:41 am
intercom. hold on for me. okay, wait a minute. can you talk to the police and let them know i'm going to walk out there with him and he wants to give himself up? >> i am. let me get an okay from them, okay? >> and you let me know what we need to do. he wants me to go on intercom and let everybody know he's sorry. okay? >> okay. >> hold on. >> wow. it's like nothing we've ever heard before. sometimes you hear a 911 operator who has that kind of poise but a victim. we're going to take a break. when we come back we're going to play the rest of this 911 call, because it's an amazing illustration of grace under pressure and it's also a window into what we're dealing with, with these school shootings, somebody who is mentally ill, off their medicines, who people weren't watching. what does it mean? we'll have an fbi expert come in and talk about this call, the genius behind it and what it means for us in a larger sense. also an amazing story, doctors had already counted him out, imagine 45 minutes, no heartbeat, they say that you're dead, your family comes in to pay last respects and then you come back to life.
4:42 am
what happened to this man? he'll tell us himself. [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. ♪ catering to the conveniently located has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. we get to see everyone in america almost every day. and we've noticed that you're sending and receiving more packages than ever. so we wanted to give you a more reliable way to ship them. with improved priority mail flat rate. don't just take our word for it -- now we'll prove it every step of the way with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. we'll never stop delivering for every person in this country. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ woman #2 ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] we are the united states postal service. and our priority is you.
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4:45 am
welcome back to "new day." we want to return now to more of the dramatic 911 call made by a very brave school clerk who may have prevented a massacre with her actions. antoinette tuff spending a tense hour on tuesday trying to calm down a man who planned to gun down police with an ak-47. here's more. >> ma'am? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay, he's going to come on now but he wants to know what do you want him to do with the gun.
4:46 am
>> okay. >> or you want to send a police officer in and he said he'll be on the ground with his hands behind his back and i'll take the gun from him and put it on the other side over by me. >> okay, one moment. >> okay. here, put that over here so they won't see it. [ inaudible ] >> okay. put it all up there, okay. >> he's put the weapons down. >> yes. hold on before you come. he's putting everything down. he's going to get on the floor so tell them to hold on a minute. so let him get everything together. he's getting it all together. okay. tell me when you ready and i'll tell them to come on in. he wants to drink his bottle of water. let him get it together.
4:47 am
[ inaudible ]. >> okay. did you need toe moo call somebody, talk to somebody for you? okay, we're not going to hate you, baby. it's a good thing you've given up. we're not going to hate you. >> ma'am, you're doing a great job. >> so let's do it before the helicopters and stuff like that come. you hear them? okay. so you want to go ahead and want me to tell them to come on in now? okay, he's getting everything out of his pockets now. okay, he said the gun may come back and say it's stolen. it's not. he knows the story about the gun and he'll let you all know that. do you all want him to take his belt off? >> that's fine, just take all his weapons off. >> she said that's fine, just take all your weapons off. he said he don't have no more weapons. >> okay. >> he's on the ground now his hand behind his back. tell the officers don't come in
4:48 am
shooting anything so they can come on in and i'll buzz them in. >> okay. >> so hold on, just sit right there, i'll buzz them in, so you'll know when they're coming, okay? okay. so just stay there calm. don't worry about it. i'll sit right here so they'll see you didn't try to harm me, okay? okay. >> okay. >> it's going to be all right, sweetie. i just want you to know i love you, okay, and i'm proud of you. that's a good thing you've given up and don't worry about it. we all go through something in life. no, you don't want that. you're going to be okay. i thought the same thing. you know, i tried to commit suicide last year after my husband left me, but look at me now. i'm still working and everything is okay. your name is michael what? michael hill?
4:49 am
when the what is not in the harbor? the people came from in the harbor and planted a gun? oh, the drum from harbor? okay so you came with the kid that played the drums for the inner harbor? oh so you was actually in there doing all of that with them? oh, how awesome. that means i've seen you before then. oh, okay. you all play them drums and stuff real good. they say they can come on in now. he needs to go to the hospital. >> okay. >> he doesn't have any weapons on him or anything like that. he's laying on the floor and he doesn't have any weapons and he's got everything out of his pocket. the only thing he has on is his belt. everything is out of his pockets and sitting on the counter so all we need to do is they can come and buzz them in so he'll
4:50 am
know they're here and take him to the hospital. >> okay, one moment. >> okay. >> she said she's going to let them know. she's going to let them know to come on in and take you to the hospital. okay? no, you stay right there. you're fine. you said you want him to go out there with his hands up. >> stay right where he is. >> she said stay right where you are. >> he wants to know if he can get some of his water michael hill. guess what, michael, my last name is hill. my mom was a hill. he said, what are you all waiting for? what is taking so long? she said she is getting to them now. they're coming. they're coming.
4:51 am
go ahead and lay down. don't put your phone -- okay, you just got your phone. okay, that's fine. tell them to come on. come on. okay, he just got his phone. that's all he got is his phone. just him. okay. just him. >> hello. >> you did great. you did great. >> just amazing. you know, reminded by how incredibly poised antoinette tuff was. they are nervous and anxious and it gives us a better illustration of how she was so calm under a situation that most of us would never be. all right, now that we heard the 911 call. let's bring in chris voss a lead
4:52 am
investigator kidnapper and negotiator and also the managing director at in sight security. thank you very much for joining us, chris. you heard the call, as well. let's talk about, first, have you ever heard a regular person respond this way under these circumstances? >> i really haven't. she did, especially at the very beginning. everything that we train hostage negotiators to do in terms of tone of voice and respect and being calming, but not being ordering and she did all that naturally. she was amazing. >> i was going to say, maybe make a call over to your buddies over at the fbi and see if there is a job. i don't think you can do it much better than she did. >> she was phenomenal. normally it takes quite a bit of training to get somebody to do as good of a job as she did. she was settled and the beginning was absolutely critical. >> that's what i want you to break down for us. the uninitiated. well, she's just acting every day. that's what you do in that
4:53 am
situation, but it actually isn't. tell us what mattered so much in the situation that antoinette tuff was able to accomplish. >> she didn't act like a victim. she didn't say, please, don't hurt anybody. she was very direct. it's hard to hear t but she had a downward inflecting voice. she actually calmed the dispatcher down. she was respectful. and she listened to him. she was very direct with him. i think it was completely her tone of voice and approach that connected with him in the beginning. she called him sir early on. by not acting like a victim, she did not encourage predatory behavior. >> what did we learn about the mindset of the mad man. we want to know what these shooters were thinking and why they did this. what do you get a sense of? >> well, anybody that comes in and creates a situation like this, they have a vision in
4:54 am
their mind of how it's going to go down in the beginning. he clearly came in with some ambivalence and came in in a position where somebody can talk to him. he didn't expect to have someone deal with him very directly, very respectfully and not like a victim. it really caught him off guard. she connected with him as a human being. that triggered something inside him. he finally found some sort of a connection with someone who would actually listen to him and talk with him. >> so, now, at once we saw something that we saw too often and something we had never seen. a person who had been arrested before but still out there. that's him. that's the painful part of the equation. but then antoinette tuff. if she had been excited and said get out, get out, get away. do you think this situation would have ended differently?
4:55 am
>> i think it easily would have spun out of control. he may have fired some rounds and escalate things and end things. quite clearly could have spun out of control with the wrong reaction from her. >> thank you very much, appreciate it mr. voss for the insight. sometimes they say we throw the hero around, but couldn't apply more than it does to this woman. in her first interview since being kidnapped, hannah anderson calls herself a survivor. we'll bring that to you in just a moment. but, also, some breaking news this morning. a bombshell announcement from bradley manning. hear what life-changing decision he's just made. play close. good and close.
4:56 am
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4:59 am
>> i consider myself a survivor. my mom raised me to be strong. hannah speaks. hannah anderson rescued after being kidnapped. her mother and brother killed. she is now speaking out in her first interview. what she says about those days in captivity. decision time. syria accused of using chemical weapons. the u.s. now facing more pressure to act. what will president obama do? we have a deal. san diego mayor bob filner has come to an agreement with the city. does this mean he is finally stepping down? your "new day" continues right now. what you need to know -- >> this represents an
5:00 am
escalation. what you just have to see -- this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, welcome back to "new day," everyone. 8:00 in the east, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm chris cuomo. here, as always, with our news anchor michaela pereira. coming up, breaking news. a bombshell announcement. bradley manning says he wants to live his life as a woman named chelsea. this comes just one day after he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking military documents. much more on this truly stunning story. in just a few moments. plus, even his doctors don't know how it happened, but a man woke up after he was declared dead for 45 minutes. it's a medical mystery, some say a miracle. we will have this man with us
5:01 am
live, which means a whole different thing these days along with his family, coming up. and there is 40, let me try that, again, $58 billion, $58 billion in unclaimed cash out there. some of it might be yours. we have one person who has a couple checks waiting for him. this guy, president obama. we have details you need to know to get your money back. first, let's take on this breaking news this morning. the just sentenced private bradley manning now says she is a female. he is a female and he wants to live his life as a woman named chelsea manning. he's going to spend the next 35 years of that life in a military prison for leaking classified document documents. the announcement about his gender came down after the sentence. chris lawrence was standing by with this development and trying to make sense of what it all means in this saga. chris, what do we know?
5:02 am
how did we figure this out? >> well, basically, you know, chris, this has been hinted at for a long time. introduced into evidence at court as part of his defense. several psychologists came forward and said they diagnosed bradley manning with gender disorder, basically saying he was in the process of wanting to transition to a woman and that wasn't something you could do in the army, especially deployed to iraq. now he sems a now he sems eems to be coming a the way out and saying i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible and i want everyone to refer to me as chelsea manning, not bradley manning. he is going to fwhere there is provision to undergo hormone therapy, much less a sex change operation. so, he's going to have some tough sledding there, although it is possible at some point he
5:03 am
could petition to be transferred to federal prison. in that case, there is precedent where the federal courts have said that sex reassignment surgery is something that prisoners can get and have the state pay for it, as well. >> i'll ask you about the fact that the government will pay for hormone treatment or sex therapy in a second. just to be clear that split screen of bradley manning in the other picture, that is him, that is him as chelsea. >> that's right. that was a picture that got introduced in evidence. basically him living as a woman in a wig and makeup and saying this is who he sees himself as, chris. >> that's the confusion here, chris. not that somebody makes this decision in life, but that we haven't really heard about it here. it was hinted at as the defense, it wasn't the best interest to the public. i thought this was information that needed to get out. it was i was under some type of
5:04 am
-- >> this was a troubled young man who had some psychological issues that the army was not prepared to deal with or did not deal with while he was deployed over there in iraq and that the army missed a lot of these signs and swept some of this under the rug. but, again, going to there, there is just no provision right now for the military prisons to deal with this. so, that is going to be an interesting question going forward. does he get transferred at some point to a prison that can accommodate this? >> that's a good question. thank you very much for the reporting. just an interesting change in focus, kate. this guy had been teed up like snowden. he's a patriot and doing the right thing by everybody else and now seems like a very different set of ideas on the table at this time. also this, the white house is feeling the pressure over growing violence in egypt and syria this morning. syria is accused of using
5:05 am
chemical weapons in attacks outside of damascus an accusation that the regime crossed the red line set by president obama, once again. chaos in the streets of cairo to stop providing more than $1 billion in military aid to egypt each year. all of this is happening as the president is launching a bus tour today. let's get straight to cnn's dan lothian at the white house. as you see right there, dan, a lot on the president's plate this morning. >> that's right. quite a balancing act for the president as he's trying to focus on his domestic agenda and also deal with some of these foreign policy problems. the president applying pressure condemning the violence and also working to get the international community behind him. at a closed door emergency meeting, the united nations security council stopped short of demanding a probe into new allegations syria used chemical weapons against its own citizens. >> this represents no matter what, no matter what the conclusions are, the serious
5:06 am
escalation with grave consequences. there is no coniffirmation of i >> reporter: the u.s., britain and france want a u.s. investigation. inspectors are already in syria looking at another alleged chemical weapon attack that killed 31 earlier this year. the u.n. is negotiating to get their inspectors access. >> it's time for the assad regime to live up to their rhetoric in this regard and give the investigators access to the sites, the opportunity to interview witnesses and the opportunity to collect physical samples. >> reporter: the next move is uncertain. the u.s. agreed to provide opposition rebels with military support in june after the white house concluded the so-called white line -- >> chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> reporter: had bipartisan crossed. but some members of congress have been critical of the administration for not doing enough. mccain wednesday tweeting, "no
5:07 am
consequence for assad using chemicals weapons and using red line. we shouldn't be surprised he's using them, again." another foreign policy crisis in egypt as the violence escalates, mounting pressure to cut off $1.3 billion in annual military aid. >> we've got some work to do in both of these areas and this is something we're actively working on. >> about an hour from now president obama heads out on that two-day bus tour making stops at college and high school campuses across pennsylvania and new york. aids say that the president will be talking about making higher education more affordable and helping young people deal with a mountain of college debt. kate? >> dan lothian, thanks so much from the white house this morning. we should mention i spoke with senator john mccain just last hour about these many issues syria and egypt and he, himself, very confident that the assad regime did use chemical weapons and warns he believes they will use them, again. pushing for the united states to get involved and stop the air
5:08 am
fields, stop the air fields and the airplanes that the assad regime is using. we should also make an important note that tomorrow a "new day" exclusive. a conversation with president obama. chris will meet up with the president as he travels on his bus tour through new york and pennsylvania. this cnn interview will cover a wide range of topics. we'll bring it to you tomorrow, of course, on "new day." >> thanks, kate. hannah anderson is now speaking out about her kidnapping at the hands of long-time family friend, james dimaggio. and talking about the deaths of her mother and younger brother. in an interview with nbc anderson doesn't consider herself a victim. >> in the beginning i was a victim, but now knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> hannah also addressed reports from investigators that she made 13 phone calls to james dimaggio the day she was abducted and previously exchanged letters
5:09 am
with him. take a listen. >> the phone calls weren't phone calls. they were texts because he was picking me up from cheer camp and she didn't know the address or where i was. i had to tell him the address and be in the gym, not in front of the school, just so he knew where to come get me. the letters were like from a year ago when me and my mom weren't getting along very well. me and him would talk about how to deal with it and i'd tell him how i felt about it and he'd help me through it. they weren't anything bad. they were just to help me through tough times. >> for more on this, let's bring in lonnie, former los angeles county prosecutor and author of "you're perfect and other lies parent tell. the ugly truth about spoiling your kids." thank you for joining us. let's start off with what you see and what you hear from hannah anderson. what does it tell you about her?
5:10 am
>> you know, chris, this case seems to have so many questions and this interview helps all of us see that the person we care about the most, hannah, this young 16-year-old girl is doing okay. and she reached out fairly quickly through social media, which is the venue that these young kids use to represent that. but, now, she's confirming that on camera she's composed, she's eloquent, she's thanking people. she's referencing her mother and m her brother and she seems to have a pretty good grasp of what's going on. >> help us understand this family dynamic where you do have someone who is somewhat of a surrogate parent. we do know that the andersons were separated for a period of time. brett, the father, moved across country when he lost his job. help us understand this in a way that kind of dismisses a lot of speculation that's out there. >> yeah, i think hannah is also doing her best to do this.
5:11 am
there was indication that there may have been inappropriate relationship between her and mr. dimaggio. she said in the letters she wrote to him, there wasn't anything wrong or bad in them. she was looking to mr. dimaggio, her uncle as a confident, someone she could express her feelings to and he was giving her advice. the phone calls were actually texts on the day she was taken where they were talking about where to meet and where to pick me up from cheer. she said, my friends give their opinions about what they see, but my opinion is the one that i care about. when she was asked on the social media, was this a creepy relationship? what did you think of him? she said, you know, it was more of a family crush, meaning he just didn't want anything bad to happen to me. she really is defusing this whole type of was there this sexual interest going on. >> what do you read into her demeanor that she seems to be okay in a situation where many would expect you to be very
5:12 am
traumatized? >> yeah, you know, kids are pretty resilient and they're expressing their feelings in ways in social media and out to their peers and friends. and people were worried about the backlash she might get but she said, look, i don't care what other people think. i can handle it. she seems a little bit reserved. she's probably holding some things back. she said she didn't want to talk about the actual details of the kidnapping, but wanted to clarify some of these questions that people were asking about what type of relationship this was with mr. dimaggio. >> such tremendous interest in the media and hearing hannah's story. we covered it, it's such a confusing story. such a horrible story. but what is your gut on whether or not it's good for her to be doing the interviews? >> you know, i eknow therapists will tell you this isn't a good thing, but you have to look at our kids today. this is how they express themselves. for parents who say, look, my kid won't talk to me, i don't
5:13 am
know what's going on in their life. go to social media, look on their facebook and instagrams. she was very eloquent. is she probably still in shock? yes, she is, as anyone would be. the first step in healing is being able to express what's going on. a lot of questions out there in the media. this whole question about the dna that is being asked of to prove whether he was the father or not. there are some interesting questions in that, the evidence, the dna tests, the kit found in his house and the insurance money being left to hannah and ethan, a fairly substantial amount. now, the sister asking for the dna. so, she's dealing with all of this and instead of holding it all in and being reserved and restraint, she's actually letting some of that out and i think that's healthy for anyone. >> right. of course, while those questions are very intriguing, a lot of them are none of our business to be honest. so, hopefully, she gets the space that she needs, as well.
5:14 am
>> that's exactly right. >> appreciate the perspective, as always. especially when it's so early out there in the west coast. thanks for doing it. kate? the very latest now on a reported deal for san diego mayor bob filner after three days of mediation officials announced late last night that an agreement has been reached. this is yet another woman has come forward with shocking new claims of sexual harassment against him. casey wian is in san diego tracking the latest. good morning, casey. >> good morning, kate. yesterday morning the big news, was this 18th accuser who had come forward and said that mayor filner touched her buttocks during a photo opportunity after a meeting with him about three months ago. by the end of the day, the news was clearly that proposed deal that was reached by members of the city council, the city attorney, attorney representing one accuser and filed the sexual harassment lawsuit and attorneys representing mayor filner.
5:15 am
they will not say what that agreement is because under law they have to give 24 hours notice to the city council and present the proposal to the city council in a closed session. that's going to happen 1:00 local time tomorrow afternoon. they say they have all taken a vow of keeping this all under wraps and if anything leaks out about this settlement, not to believe it. we will know the details of the proposed deal tomorrow afternoon, kate. >> why we don't know the details, casey. allow filner to stay in office at this point? >> well, almost all the other folks on the other side of that negotiating table have said what they want is filner to resign. if this means anything, his suv was parked yesterday evening just behind me and filner got in it and a lot of boxes were seen in that suv leaving city hall, kate. >> we will be tracking it. everyone interested in seeing what the details of that
5:16 am
agreement. casey, thank you so much. a lot of other news we're tracking at this hour. let's get to michaela for the latest. >> closing arguments today in the court-martial of army psychiatrist ft. hood shooter nidal hasan. wednesday the army major who is representing himself argued against allowing a jury to consider a lesser charge saying the shooting spree didn't happen in the heat of sudden passion. he offered no defense wednesday. he did not testify and he questioned no witnesses. wildfires plaguing california, nearly 12 of them burning right now. one near yosemite forced hundreds of people to leave their homes. officials closed the main road into that national park. wildfires in california this year burned twice as much land as they d d d last year and it' not even peak season yet. after the st. petersburg international film festival in russia, miller replied with a letter, "as a gay man, i must
5:17 am
decline." he is deeply troubled by the treatment of gay men and women by the russian government. a little bit of pamploma on the highway. a run away bull in spain charging towards cars and attacking them. eventually ramming one of the vehicles with his powerful horns. really frightening for the people inside the vehicle. just a reminder if you think that your commute this morning was tough -- everything is relative. >> no bulls on the freeway, honey. >> it was a great day. >> good day. >> it was the voice that did it for me. let's get to indra petersons with a look at the forecast. good morning, indra. >> rain in our area, but all we care about is the weekend. today we're actually watching the front move through the ohio valley and eventually spreading into the mid-atlantic overnight. yes, some storms in the area and the plus side, beautiful weather behind it. you can actually see on friday as it kind of cruises off shore. now, let's talk about even the change not only in the sunshine,
5:18 am
but the humidity. so hot and humid along much of the east coast, but as soon as that front passes, colder and drier air behind it. not have that humidity factor. literally perfect weather in the northeast over the weekend. unfortunately in the opposite side of the country, concern with low humidity and that, too, is changing. red flag warnings in the area right on the fire lines especially around that beaver creek, idaho firelines. get some rains today and strong winds and in the long form forecast, we're still talking about tropical moisture moving in the area and little confusing. once it makes its way far enough north, you'll see all the moisture making its way to the southwest. flooding concerns for them and brings relief to the firelines for an extended period of time. looks like the next three or four days we'll see moisture on the fire lines. >> that is good news. thank you, indra. remember the story of the horrible cruiseship coast off of
5:19 am
italy. the 114,000 ton cruise ship has been in the water on its side since it hit a rock off the coast of italy last year. that crash claimed 32 lives. now set to be rotated next month. cnn erin mclaughlin is in london with more on that. the plans are very complex, erin. >> they are, kate. it's an absolutely massive feat of maritime engineering. the challenge to remove the remains of the luxury cruise liner, the "costa concordia" from the island. it's been 19 months since the luxury cruise liner, ran aground off the west coast of italy. killing 32 of the people onboard. now, news that the crippled ship will finally be lifted from its side in september. an american and italian company are working around the clock to prepare the infamous wreckage
5:20 am
for its journey from the tuscan island and avoid an environmental disaster. engineers say it's a naval salvage operation like no other in history. >> swelled up to 500 plus people with the welders joining us. so we still have hundred divers in the water every day. >> reporter: the plan to remove the "costa concordia" began with platforms under the water. in a serious of enormous flotation devices attached to the ship's sides will help float away to a nearby port. hopefully all in one piece. >> around the 20th of august, all the grouting and the mattresses should be under neath the belly of the concordia. >> reporter: engineers behind the project say they only have one shot to make the deterior e
5:21 am
deteriorating "costa concordia" float again. if they are successful, if they are able to rotate this ship upright, they'll go to work repairing the broken side of the ship. the hope is that in eight to ten months they'll hope to tow it finally away to a mainland port to be dismantled. kate and chris? >> erin, thanks so much for bringing it to us. incredible the undertaking to get that thing out of the water. >> one of the most bizarre things i've ever seen. looked like there was an apartment building in the water sideways. >> it looks like it is right on shore. >> amaze figure they get it up. we'll take a break, when we come back on "new day" back from the dead. imagine no vital signs for 45 minutes, but the man is here with us to tell us his story. plus, dr. phil believes a tweet after it stirs up quite a bit of criticism. did it cross a line? we'll talk about it.[ nnouncer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
5:22 am
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you're going to want to look up from whatever you're doing because we have an amazing story to tell you. it's being called a miracle, actually. a 37-year-old ohio man pronounced dead showing no signs of life for more than 45 minutes. even the doctors had given up on him and then out of no where he just came back. and you're going to be looking at him right now. tony here alive and well. we'll speak it him, his wife, his family in just a moment. first, let's tell you the story. after 45 minutes with no heart beat, 37-year-old was pronounced dead. he had no pulse, but in what some are calling a medical
5:26 am
miracle, something even his doctors can't explain. he was revived. >> i've never seen anybody who we have pronounced dead come back. >> reporter: in the middle of the night on august 5th she noticed him breathing strangly. she checked his pulse and tried to wake him up. but no response. in a panic, she called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. later that afternoon, his heart went into arrhythmia. and then it stopped. for 45 minutes doctors and nurses went into overdrive trying to stimulate his heart. nothing. presuming they were unsuccessful, his doctor pronounced him dead, told the family and allowed him to see his apparently lifeless body. his 17-year-old son, lawrence, was in disbelief. >> i pointed to him and said, dad, you're not going to die today. >> reporter: he was right. within moments tony's heart beat came back. suddenly showing signs of life. >> went from hopeless to hope in an instant. >> reporter: after five days in
5:27 am
a coma, he came to with no recollection of how he cheated death. >> shared this experience with a lot of my colleagues and none of them have ever heard this kind of coming back. >> we heard of it now. joining us from dayton, ohio, the miracle man, the miracle family. tony is there with his wife, melissa, son lawrence and daughters courtney and kirsten. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so, tony, you look strong as an ox. how are you feeling and what are the doctors telling you about why this happened? >> i actually feel really good. the last guess the doctors had was it was a possible viral infection that got me the week before, we were on vacation and i had had a cold. but for any actual evidence, they have nothing. they don't have a good reason for why it happened. >> never had heart trouble, you looked at both sides of your family to see if there is
5:28 am
anything in the genes or anything, nothing there? >> nothing. >> okay, so, let's go back to how this happened. melissa, you're a nurse and that winds up being really important here because you were observant in a way that the rest of us aren't. you're in bed, you're sleeping. what made you take notice? >> well, i was asleep, it was about 4:00 in the morning. something woke me up. i would have to say at this point it was god that woke me up. his breathing was not right. so, i turned on the light, tried to wake him up. he didn't wake up. i checked his pulse and he didn't have a pulse. so, i immediately was able to go into my training and do two cycles of cpr, call 911 and retrieve my son to help with the cpr until the squad arrives. >> they take him to the hospital
5:29 am
and they come out and they tell you he's gone? >> initially when we first got there it was, you know, early in the morning and they took him to the cardiac cath lab and they initially came out and told us that, you know, his vessels in his heart were clear, there was nothing in there. they had suspected there would be a block, but they did not find any. the doctor initially told us that they don't know what happened, but he would probably go home in a day and a half. and then later that afternoon he deterrierated. >> you go in there and they say he's gone. go say good-bye to your husband, the father of your children. lawrence, you're with them. luckily your sisters were spared this. you go into the room, lawrence, and you couldn't believe it. what was it in you, other than just shock that made you feel like somebody had it wrong? >> well, you know, they were working on him for 45 minutes and all the doctors and nurses came into the room.
5:30 am
they sent us into a counseling room. and they didn't even have to say anything. you just knew they were going to pronounce him dead. but it's just something wasn't right. they almost just looked at us and, you know, no emotion almost. everyone in tears. but for some reason, you know, i just thought he's 37 years old, he's never had a heart problem. you know, he's not dead in that room. so, you know, i go back there and my pastor paul was there. and we were praying, praying next to the room. i was in the doorway and something came in me and got me to point at him and i said, dad, you not going to die today. and when i said that, you know, i stood there for a few more moments and i started walking back to the counseling room to, you know, comfort my sisters and
5:31 am
my mom and anyone else. and i took about three steps and my pastor paul looked at me and said, lawrence, lawrence, you got my attention. he said, your dad, he has a heart beat. i got rushed to the counseling room to cheer everyone up with that news. >> melissa, when you hear it, it gives you tingles just listening to lawrence tell the story. was it hard to believe that someone as young and strong as your husband is gone. you being a nurse and knowing the situation, what did you think? >> well, you know, i thought clinically with what i know as a nurse, everything within me as a nurse that, you know, it's over. he's not coming back. but everything in our faith, you know, our belief in god and that he answers prayer. that i knew he was back. god let me know that if we just believed that he would be okay
5:32 am
and from that moment on, we all believed and he came through. >> so, tony, you're going to be face would big questions now in your own heart and head about why this happened to you. why you're still here. one thing is for sure, you're going to be different after this. what do you think about all of it? >> yeah. it's changed my whole family pretty much in an instant. i mean, you know, my main thought on this is, you know, there's nobody but god that could have done this. the doctors had all given up. i mean, rightfully so. it had been so long. but for me to wake up without any brain damage or anything like that, it is another part of a miracle to be without oxygen for 45 minutes is huge. >> you don't remember any of it, right? you didn't have any moment there on the table or anything like that? >> no, i did not. i fell asleep sunday night and woke up five days later in the hospital wondering where i was,
5:33 am
honestly. >> just like that, your life was changed in a way that you could have never imagined. tony, so great to get to meet you this way. i have to say, you don't do a lot of interviews with dead men and this is just an amazing story of a miraculous comeback. i don't know any other words for it. your whole family is beautiful and god bless. good luck going forward. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> wow, what a story. kate? >> what a story. coming up next on "new day" a brave school clerk talking down a gunman who invaded her school. you do not want to miss her riveting 911 phone call. also this. not even dr. phil, the tweet that really got people talking.
5:34 am
5:35 am
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5:37 am
welcome back to "new day" thursday august 22nd. i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm katebolduan let's get to michaela pereira. >> the just sentenced private bradley manning says he wants to live as a woman and under the name chelsea manning. he'll spend the next 35 years of that life in a military prissen for leaking classified documents. president obama kicking off a two-day bus tour of pennsylvania and new york promoting education reform and bound to face tough questioning about handling the ongoing chaos in syria and egypt. tomorrow, don't miss our "new day" exclusive. hannah anderson does not consider herself a victim, but rather a survivor. telling nbc that text messages
5:38 am
sent to james dimaggio were simply directions to her cheerleading practice. we're expecting to learn more about the death. at number five, a motorcade marking martin luther king's iconic march almost 50 years later. civil rights groups begin their journey from birmingham, alabama, to our nation's capital. always updating the five things to know. go to for the very latest. let's get back now to the school clerk near atlanta everyone is talking about this morning. she kept her calm after a gunman stormed into the building and she might have prevented a tragedy because of it. all caught on a 911 call. martin savidge is joining us from decatur, georgia. almost like a textbook lesson for hostage negotiation. >> isn't it, though, kate.
5:39 am
just such an amazing call. antoinette has been with the school district for eight years and been at this elementary school for three years. all came down to really one hour on tuesday. that made all the difference. listen. >> police, what is your emergency? >> alone in the office of an elementary school, antoinette tuff is face-to-face with a man with an assault rifle and close to 500 rounds of ammunition. >> he just went outside and started shooting. can i run? >> can you get somewhere safe? >> yeah, i got to go. he's coming back. >> reporter: not just her life on the line, but the life of hundreds of students and staff, as well as dozens of police officers now outside. >> he said to tell them to back
5:40 am
off. he doesn't want the kids. he wants the police. so, back off. what else, sir? he said he doesn't care if he dies. he don't have nuthing to live for. he's not mentally stable. >> okay. stay on the line with me. put the phone down if you have to, but don't put it down so i can't hear. can you tell me where you are? >> reporter: he has an ak-47 and she is only armed with her words. >> i can let them know that you have not tried to harm me. but that doesn't make any difference you didn't hit anybody. if i walk out there with him, if i walk out there with him, so they won't shoot him or anything like that? >> reporter: to connect with the suspect, she pours out her own personal story of a marriage that suddenly ended.
5:41 am
>> don't feel bad, baby. my husband just left me after 33 years. but, yes, you do. i mean, i'm sitting here with you. >> reporter: and her own thoughts of suicide. >> we all go through something in life. no. you don't want that. you are going to be okay. i thought the same thing. you know, i tried to commit suicide last year after my husband left me. but look at me now. i'm still working and everything is okay. >> reporter: no sense she's lying to save herself. her cool, collect nature moves even the police dispatcher. >> ma'am, you're doing a great job. >> reporter: moments later the police barge in. and only then does antoinette tuff finally break down. >> let me tell you something,
5:42 am
baby, nothing so scary in my life. >> you did great. >> reporter: this woman holding it together so strong and so long, almost an hour and then finally she just, the weight comes off her shoulders and what a moment it was. you have to listen to the whole call at when you want to do that. it is amazing. kate? >> it really is just amazing. you wonder if she even realizes yet what she did and all of the people that she helped in just keeping her cool under such extraordinary circumstances. thank you so much, martin, for bringing us that. >> we do want to tell you that antoinette tuff the 911 operator, they'll appear live together on "ac 360" tonight at 8:00 eastern. coming up on "new day" dr. phil under fire all because of a tweet from his account. it was quickly deleted, but not before starting an online outrage. is it fair? we'll tell you what he said.
5:43 am
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a lot of energy surrounding a shocking tweet from tv dr. phil. this was the tweet. if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? reply, yes or no. obviously, he's not confused about this. something he was doing and quickly deleted. but big question is, what did it
5:47 am
mean and what are the ramifications? cnn entertainment correspondent nischelle turner is here. >> you know, chris, you were right. it was intended to do one thing, but it did something else. representatives for the "dr. phil show" it was intended to invoke discussion about an upcoming show but they will not elaborate what the show topic is. it seem physical discussion is what they were after, it's what they got. just not in the way they or originally thought. >> you contribute. >> reporter: he's a tough-talking tv doc delving into the personal drama of others. now dr. phil mcgraw is dealing with unwanted controversy of his own. on tuesday a tweet posted on dr. phil's official twitter account saying if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? reply yes or no to @dr.phil. provoke discussion for the upcoming episode of his show sparked heated backlash on line.
5:48 am
dr. phil wonders when it's okay for a woman to be raped. dr. oz was saving lives today and dr. phil is trying to hook up with drunk girls. where is oprah? dr. phil deleted the tweet as soon as he saw it, but not before a user captured it and asking dr. phil to apologize. >> the idea of sort of like collecting people's opinions on whether or not something is rape is a super invalidating way to talk about the problem of date rape and acquaintance rape and substance assisted rape. >> reporter: in a statement to cnn, a repfor dr. phil show says a tweet was an ill advised poll question. the quote added, dr. phil believes that the position of those incapacitated in any fashion be it drugs, alcohol, age or mental illness cannot and do not have the capacity to give their consent to anything, especially sex. now, the show's representative
5:49 am
adds that dr. phil is very upset that this happened and he joins a long list of other celebrities now that learned the careful what you tweet lesson the hard way. >> very good point. follow up on this one. coming up next on "new day" $58 billion in unclaimed money. you want some? could some of it be yours? we'll have the info for you in a second. ♪ let busy bone entertain your dog with it's playful, long lasting twists,
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and savory, meaty middle. get busy. the world's most entertaining treats.
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5:53 am
in unclaimed funds and most people, including the president, may not even be aware that the money is owed to them and that it's even out there. christine romans is joining us with more. this is a good news story. >> your money to begin with. the president has two checks wait for him. 156 bucks apiece probably for a cable refund back from 2008, 2009. just sitting there. all he has to do is call up and get it. >> going through massachusetts on his tour. he can stop and get it. >> if the president can have these funds out there that he doesn't know about, can anyone? >> you guys do, too. you have about 10 bucks waiting for you. at least $10. $10.88 michaela. >> this changes everything. >> you, chris cuomo, you have at least two unclaimed amounts of money sitting in new york, maybe four. i don't know how much because i don't have your social security money. >> can i have your social security number? i couldn't find any for you. >> i spend all my money. >> we started going through the anchors and i'm telling you, it
5:54 am
started to get really fun because found money for me, too, in new york. i'm going to chase after that later today. >> how do you get it? >> now, dot org is important and not dotcom and when you get there, a legal site that will send you to the state website. the state by law have to hold this money and this is for things like maybe an insurance policy you didn't know, a safe-deposit box, maybe a comcast. >> this doesn't mean something you messed up. something unaware of. this money is waiting for you. easy to find. be careful not to go to a site that is trying to ask you for money. >> that website is going to crash. >> five, four, three, two. >> 10% finder's fee, please. here is your finder's fee. we'll let you stay for the good stuff. here's today's edition. a soldier comes home. waited in a milwaukee airport. they made signs, stickers, the
5:55 am
whole deal. take a look. >> some stickers on for the army and i did welcome. and, yeah. >> i think he's such a good guy that he was able to be in the army for that long and get to serve the country for a while. >> that's great. we love when soldiers come home and the troops make it back to their families, right? that's the good stuff. no, here's the clue. that young woman you just heard from that's not his daughter, his granddaughter and by a while, she means more than 50 years. first enlisted in 1959. since then, he has seen just about everything, including three tours in iraq and after that he retired. the army asked him back, bring your experience and help us in afghanistan and he said, yes. now, he's finally retiring. and guess what he thinks will make it stick this time? turns out his honey-do list. take a listen. >> last time i got bored i tried this. so, i think this time they've done everything so i will never get bored.
5:56 am
yeah. >> we volunteer him for everything. >> there's a long list. >> we worked 12 hours a day in afghanistan. i think i'll be doing about four more when i get home. >> can you believe it? what dedication to service. since the '50s he has been serving our country. now, that is extraordinary. that's why it's the good stuff and that's just a really happy story to tell you about. we love the troops. we love their families because their dedication and commitment and that's just an extreme example of it. please, keep sending us the good stuff so we can tell you the good news. tweet us, go on facebook. tell us. >> we'll be right back. ♪ [ girl ] there are man-eating sharks in every ocean... but we still swim.
5:57 am
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all right. thanks for being with us here on "new day." time for "cnn newsroom" with the one and only carol costello. i heard there is a check for you in california for $7 million. >> get out! i'm leaving now. thanks. >> you get another hour. >> all right, i'll stay. thanks, guys. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. thanks so much for being with me. we do begin with breaking news this morning. a bombshell from convicted army private bradley manning. in a statement to "today" show the wikileaks source says he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman and no longer wants to be referred to as bradley, but as chelsea. his gender identity crisis was revealed during the sentencing phase of his trial after the military released this picture of manning wearing a wig and makeup. manning now wants hormone therapy for gender

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